DCC send reminders over short-term rentals

Dunedin City Council has fired a shot across the bows of home owners who rent their properties out short-term, writing to remind them they need to be compliant with codes and regulations.

The DCC today sent out letters to property owners which asked them to let the council know if they temporarily or permanently let the premises for short-term stays.

If they did, they might need to apply for either a resource consent or a building consent, community services general manager Simon Pickford said.

"We realise that many people letting rooms or their entire property do not realise they may not be compliant.

"However the rules are in place to ensure that homes are safe for guests to use.''

Services such as Airbnb, Bookabach and Bachcare have been embraced by many property owners, but some might not be aware their buildings needed to meet District Plan and Building Act requirements, Mr Pickford said.

The DCC is reviewing the rating categories of properties used for short-term visitors but no decisions have yet been made. 


The DCC is bent on stifling the freedom of property owners to use their homes the way we choose. DCC gives vague explanations for such regulations so to co-ordinate marketing efforts. Hogwash. They do not need a DCC employee to give them 'marketing' resources to justify their existence and cost to ratepayers.

Is it just another money grab for their money pit? Next they will be limiting the number of people coming over for a meal.....

You may have felt differently prior to ACC, 1977, when landlords, or property owners, could be sued for injury caused on or by their property. Property owners aren't exempt from social responsibility.

The DCC make a good point. AirBnb are subject to may every day business requirements , including meeting Health and Safety regulations. When you charge people to use your home, you are a business and therefore should pay and meet regulations as do all others. Just wait til IRD get hold of this practice, or WorkSafe, or Insurance companies .....