Feeling the Glow before it happens

The Dunedin City Council’s preliminary concept design for a one-way southbound George St aims to...
The Dunedin City Council’s preliminary concept design for a one-way southbound George St aims to give increased priority to pedestrians and cyclists. IMAGE: DUNEDIN CITY COUNCIL
A block of Dunedin's main street will be lit up next week as part of a trial allowing residents to experience what the area may look and feel like in the future.

George St, between Hanover and St Andrew Sts, will be closed to northbound traffic from 9am next Wednesday to 8am the following Monday.

A public event, Glow Dunedin, will run from Friday to Sunday during the closure.

It is the first in a series of trials and activities which will allow the public and the Dunedin City Council to experience what the block might be like under the preliminary concept plans for George St.

Award-winning light artist Angus Muir has designed light installations which will be placed in the street as well down Albion Pl and inside the malls.

There will also be live performances, interactive sound and light displays during the three days.

Council principal urban designer Kathryn Ward said the aim of the event was to create a destination which will attract people back to the area, increasing footfall and minimising disruption through the construction period.

Physical work on the street was not expected to start until 2021.

Changes proposed in the preliminary design include restricting traffic to one-way travelling south between Frederick St and Moray Pl, installing a counter-flow cycle/scooter lane and a paved carriageway between Hanover and St Andrew Sts, where cyclists and pedestrians would have priority over motorists.

A two-way ''slow street'' would be created in the block between Frederick and Albany Sts.


"Physical work on the street was not expected to start until 2021".
So no consultation, this council are just going ahead with whatever they want it seems.

There is a local body election before 2021.
In the mean time, lets show the citizens what Dunedin could look like if we spend another $60 million on top of the $25 million to remove cars and promote cycling.
I know $85 million would provide a lot of drainage around the city but sea levels will continue to rise no matter what the DCC does, so we might as well look and feel good as the stadium car park goes underwater. Besides they have a plan to ask government for more money, which they can get from the farmers because they caused the problem with their dirty cows.

Yep they rely when people complain the council might start a dialogue with you and then the council will say nothing. They hope you get tired and go away. Time for Dunedin t stand up to the Clowns, stand fast Lee Vandervis.

Cull was like this last time he was standing for Mayor, he said he was all that and a bag of chips by putting out one page releases saying what he could do on a FB page. Being new to Dunedin I followed these closely and started to ask questions on what he said he could do, Some easy questions were being answered then they stopped, I kept asking questions and then I was banned from his page. They seriously don't care what people think and will go ahead with what ever dumb idea they have. I'm Sorry to say New Zealanders are too soft and need to Start to be like Hong Kong and France where people start to protest. Cull would hate that because it would draw unwelcome attention,

Life. I mean, Light. Don't talk to me of Light.

This just sounds like an expensive effort at a soft sell by council to convince everyone their plan is fantastic. Do council staff and councilors really expect ratepayers to just ignore spending a hundred thousand or so on some invented festival? All to push a road plan that will destroy George St as a shopping center.

Just typical DCC, offer a plan with pretend consultation and no idea of the real impact or outcome.