Mosgiel pool to enter its design phase

Chris Staynes
Chris Staynes
The next stage of the multimillion-dollar Mosgiel pool project is set to start.

About $3.5million has been raised by the Taieri Community Facilities Trust, guaranteeing a $10.8million contribution from the Dunedin City Council.

An advisory panel established in 2017 and chaired by deputy mayor Chris Staynes will now be disestablished as the project moves into the design phase.

Councillors voted this week to establish a project team, made up of representatives from the trust, staff from the council's parks and recreation department and the Mosgiel Taieri Community Board.

The new group was responsible for the oversight of the pool's development and would monitor its progress and budget.

A project manager would advise the team and manage the construction of the pool to completion in June 2021.

Cr Staynes said there had been a lot of effort put in by the trust and the Taieri community to get the project to the design stage.

While there was still work to do, the community could be confident it would soon have the type of facility it had wanted, he said.

''My mother, who turned 84 last week, might still yet get a chance to dip her toe into the pool.''

Trust chairwoman Irene Mosley said while the trust had stopped actively fundraising, it was still accepting donations.

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