Rattling the Chains: Bob Barlin, Christine Garey & Lee Vandervis

Ian Telfer speaks with Dunedin Mayoral candidates Bob Barlin, Christine Garey and Lee Vandervis in Episode 4 of Rattling the Chains by Otago Access Radio.

 Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
Lee Vandervis defends his provocative style, Christine Garey champions the city's progress and Bob Barlin reveals why he wants to swap his taxi for public office.  

Rattling the Chains is a six-week pre-election radio, podcast and video series on OAR FM. Each week, aspiring mayoral candidates will be paired for a half-hour interview discussion live from the OAR FM studio in Dunedin Community House.

They will be questioned on their ideas, their influences, their values, maybe even their favourite music. And most of all, why they want to be the Mayor and wear those chains of office.

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Requested and Read the Emails, Thank you Lee Vandervis yep nothing wrong with the content of those emails they were totally respectful. The first time I've ever heard Lee Vandervis speak and is very well spoken. Christine Garey correct no body should go to work to be bullied, but all should go to work to do there best. Bullying is thrown about way too much nowadays and is used as a scape goat. Christine Garey. Lee has not outed them to the media, Cull, Pope have.

Sorry Christine Garey unfortunately I don't rate you expected to have debit but not that much debit you never answered the question on rates really, Listen to Lee.

Bob I wish you well, my experience working with Army is they are straight down the line and they don't like to deviate from a task and are inflexible but when you spoke about a team/s I think you would be of great benefit to the DCC.

How about Vandervis allows the release of Council emails / complaints (names with held) instead of his cherry picked versions.

Still voting for Lee. He raised some very good points in that interview.

10:35 Garey admits to calling staff out in the media and being grumpy (for 3 years?!?!), which to me is textbook bullying and disgusting behavior, she should have known better at her age. Now whats surprising is that Vandervis, who dealt with staff privately, was the one smeared by Cull, Pope and Co and the media as a bully??. I get the strong feeling voters have had the wool pulled over their eyes for a very long time.

Knowing a fair bit of Vandervis history, i hope that he dose get elected so his distruction wirl wind of distruction sinks him for good.

Lee Vandervis plantant lier.
Smear campain, fake news. If he has nothing to hide, he could allow the emails, complaints etc to be published.

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