Rattling the Chains: Carmen Houlahan & Jim O'Malley

Ian Telfer speaks with Dunedin Mayoral candidates Carmen Houlahan and Jim O'Malley in Episode 2 of Rattling the Chains by Otago Access Radio.

 Photo: Supplied
Photo: Supplied
They debate what's holding the city's expansion back, how to put on a commuter train to Mosgiel and come clean on standing for Mayor to boost your bid for Councillor.

Rattling the Chains is a six-week pre-election radio, podcast and video series on OAR FM. Each week, aspiring mayoral candidates will be paired for a half-hour interview discussion live from the OAR FM studio in Dunedin Community House.

They will be questioned on their ideas, their influences, their values, maybe even their favourite music. And most of all, why they want to be the Mayor and wear those chains of office.

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