Driver flees police, continues without tyres

The man (22), has been charged with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and is due to appear in...
A teenage driver who fled from Dunedin police at high speed, while a passenger hung out the window and hurled bottles at officers in pursuit, continued driving after losing the car's tyres in a crash, police say.

However, the two did not escape the police for long: within 15 minutes of the chase starting they had been tracked down by police and dogs, one of the two teens receiving a bite from a police dog.

Sergeant Mike Calvert, of Dunedin, said officers were called at 1am on Thursday to Andersons Bay Rd after reports of a suspicious vehicle.

Police indicated for the car to stop, but the suspects drove off.

Police pursued the vehicle while a passenger hanging out of its window threw items, including bottles, at officers.

The car was driven "a few kilometres" to Princes St where police set up a blockade so it could not reach the Octagon, Sgt Calvert said.

"Police took steps to prevent risk to the public."

The driver then turned off the car's lights and police abandoned the pursuit for public safety, he said.

The assailants crashed near Crawford St and lost tyres, before driving off again.

By that point the driver was manoeuvring the vehicle on three rims.

Officers located the car at the corner of Hanover and Grange Sts.

A passenger from the vehicle threatened police and started running from them.

He was caught by a police dog about 40m from the car.

By that time, less than 15 minutes had passed since the job had been called in.

A 16-year-old male is being referred to Youth Aid for driving offences.

A 17-year-old male, who was treated for dog bite wounds at Dunedin Hospital that morning, was set to appear in the Dunedin District Court.

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