Dunedin bus hub bashing 'racially motivated'

Dunedin's bus hub where the attack took place. Photo: Supplied
Dunedin's bus hub where the attack took place. Photo: Supplied
A man was punched and kicked at Dunedin’s bus hub by a drunk in a racially motivated attack, police say.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond, of Dunedin, said police were alerted to an incident at the Dunedin bus hub at 8.15pm last night.

A man sitting at the bus hub was approached by a 27-year-old man, who was intoxicated and starting acting abusively towards him.

The 27-year-old started throwing punches and kicking the victim.

The pair were not known to one another and the attack was ‘‘possibly racially motivated,’’ Snr Sgt Bond said.

‘‘The male has taken exception to the victim’s ethnicity,’’ Snr Sgt Bond said.  

City safety officers intervened, but the man continued the assault before fleeing on foot.

Police found the attacker a short time later and arrested him, Snr Sgt Bond said.

He was charged with injuring with intent to injure and was appearing in court this morning.

Earlier in the day, at 12.45pm, a 14-year-old youth from Gore was located at the bus hub and arrested for breaching bail conditions.

Snr Sgt Bond said the teen had left his bail address in Gore, stole a car and had driven it to Dunedin.

He then proceeded to steal two more vehicles and attempt to steal a third, he said.

The teen would appear in the youth court this morning on numerous charges.