Dunedin's beauty featured in international ad

Dunedin is attracting more overseas attention with another international brand using an iconic city beach as a backdrop for its latest advertisement.

The unmistakable sandstone sea arch at Tunnel Beach, near Dunedin, makes a brief appearance, along with its resident seagulls, in a new advertisement for Singapore Airlines.

During it’s 10 second appearance the top of the arch is illuminated with small flame torches while cake is served to a couple reclining comfortably in first class seats.

Filmed in November, Enterprise Dunedin assisted the film-maker with logistics, negotiating access and rights with the private landowner to allow filming.

Last month an advertisement for British bank Lloyds Bank was filmed at Tomahawk beach and Enterprise Dunedin director John Christie said the city was becoming a sought-after filming location

Film-makers were not only drawn to the city for its landscape but also because the Dunedin City Council worked with film-makers to ensure filming logistics could be arranged quickly and easily, Mr Christie said.

"Increasingly council is recognising the potential of the film sector for the city, both in terms of jobs and contribution to the economy, but also as a means of showcasing Dunedin as a destination.

Location scout for the Singapore Airlines advertisement Daz Caulton said with its scenery, quiet streets and heritage buildings Dunedin was the "perfect" location for filming.

Mr Caulton returned to Tunnel Beach last month to film an ad for American brewery Coors Beer.

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