Far from selfless

Photo by Gregor Richardson.
Photo by Gregor Richardson.

Dunedin artist and photographer Alex Lovell-Smith stands among the works in his "The Server Room'' exhibition, which opened yesterday at the Dunedin School of Art's Riego St gallery.

The exhibition, serving as his final work for a master of fine arts degree, turns the ubiquitous "selfie'' into art.

The idea started as a look at the "sheer volume of data'' used to store photographs today, Mr Lovell-Smith said.

While studying in Prague last year, he was confronted with the number of people taking "selfies'' of the 1000-year old city and the project shifted.

"There's something like a million selfies being taken every day. It's this weird documentation of being in this place at this time. But where does it go, and who has access to it?''

All the photographs in the exhibition were taken by Mr Lovell-Smith, he said.

Some were staged "selfies'', others photographs of people taking photographs.

"Every day, I observe somebody somewhere taking a selfie. It's a constant source of fascination as to who these images are created for and where they're stored. It's certainly not a photo album or a shoebox.''

The exhibition finishes on Friday.

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