Former police boss keen to track down KVC alumni

Former police commissioner Howard Broad is again rallying the troops - this time, former Kaikorai Valley College pupils to establish the school's alumni association.

Mr Broad, a pupil at the school from 1970-74, said a large number of former Kaikorai Valley College pupils had gone on to do ''huge things'', and he was keen to establish an alumni association to help the school create more high-achieving pupils.

Those already known include film-maker Robert Sarkies, Mastermind New Zealand winner Mark Allan, Straitjacket Fits singer-songwriter Shayne Carter, University of Otago deputy vice-chancellor and physics professor Richard Blaikie, actress Raewyn Lippert, and Baylor College of Medicine (Houston) professor Helen Heslop.

''There are quite a number that we already know about, and a huge number who have gone on to do huge things which we don't know about yet.''

An establishment committee was being formed and Mr Broad hoped the alumni association would create connections between people, which in turn would create opportunities.

It was still early days, but he hoped the alumni would eventually be able to help pupils at the school with scholarships, events and mentoring programmes.

The initiative was sparked by sentimental memories of his time at school and a conversation with former school friend and present deputy principal John Downes.

''We all went to the same school but we've all dispersed around the world.

''I feel a strong connection to the school as I get older and I don't even live in Dunedin anymore.

''Having retired from the police force, I cast around for things to do that would give me a meaningful life after the police.''


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