Class takes an unusual Turnblad

Greg MacLeod as Edna Turnblad.
Greg MacLeod as Edna Turnblad.
Jonny Webb (11). Photos by Peter McIntosh.
Jonny Webb (11). Photos by Peter McIntosh.

Kaikorai Valley College teacher Greg MacLeod is surrounded by pupils after arriving for class yesterday dressed as Edna Turnblad, his character in the upcoming Musical Theatre Dunedin production Hairspray.

His 7DN class played along.

The pupils arrived for the first period to find Mr MacLeod had been replaced by a no-nonsense relieving teacher, Mrs Turnblad.

''I'm Mrs Turnblad. You can call me Mrs Turnblad,'' the new teacher introduced him, herself to the class in a strong Baltimore accent, before admonishing the pupils for laughing.

''I hear your normal teacher is pretty good,'' Mrs Turnblad inquired hopefully.

''No,'' the 23 pupils yelled back in chorus.

The surprise cameo was a big hit with the pupils.

''The new teacher was really funny,'' Jacob Cheshire (12) said.

''It would be good to have her again tomorrow. But we'd rather have Mr MacLeod back.''

The acting teacher spent an hour before class preparing his costume and make-up for the role.

''I thought it would be fun .. and something the kids would enjoy.

''Once a thespian, always a thespian.''

- Hairspray is on at the Regent Theatre from October 11-18.

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