Keeping it weird in Dunedin, bro

Photo: Peter McIntosh
Elemental. Photo: Peter McIntosh
As Fringe has its final blowout this weekend, the talk on the street is about the festival attracting more established acts.

Perhaps due to the fact Dunedin lacks a comedy festival, some of New Zealand's biggest stand-ups have visited our city in the last 10 days.

To many it was great to have notable talent visiting the city, giving them the opportunity for a night out.

To the "keep Fringe weird" crowd, do not fret, the misleading thing is there are far more performances than ever.

Anyone concerned about the lack of weirdness need only take a Dunedin bus to find a horse-headed woman going about her day.

Like any big festival there have been incredible shows, those which did not quite find their voice and experimenters who haven't yet perfected the recipe.

Personal highlights for me were the stunning Elemental and the personal, lively comedy of Chris Parker.

Chris Parker
Chris Parker
Some shows this weekend are also destined for greatness.

The wealth of acts meant no-one could see them all, but I've heard rave reviews for shows such as Frickin Dangerous Bro and Ladylike: A Modern Guide to Etiquette.

I've seen some which fell flat, and others which divided the crowd.

Although a joy of the festival was watching a show which didn't quite click with the entire audience but noticing a few in the crowd for whom it was connecting on a deeper level.

There truly did seem to be something for everyone this Fringe.

Whatever your view on the festival's changing atmosphere, the organisers should be congratulated for attracting such a diverse range of performers to the city.

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