Frustration for St Clair evacuees

Properties in Allandale Rd and Motu St have been affected. Photo: ODT
Properties in Allandale Rd and Motu St have been affected. Photo: ODT

Frustration is growing among some St Clair residents unable to return to their homes since they were forced to evacuate last month.

Six properties, four in Motu St and two in Allandale Rd, have been off-limits since the Dunedin City Council issued dangerous building notices in December, after a large slip and cracking was discovered under one of the Allandale Rd houses.

One resident remains in emergency accommodation provided and paid for by the council.

The Earthquake Commission (EQC) has received claims from all six property owners.

Motu St resident Johanna Kinvig said she was frustrated at the lack of communication from both the council and the EQC.

Ms Kinvig said the only discussion she has had with either organisation since last year was a council staff member calling to ask if the EQC had contacted her.

''It's very frustrating. I have heard nothing about how they are going to fix the problem and who is going to fix it,'' she said.

She has had to move into a rental home and has had to clear her Motu St home.

''We don't even have a timeframe and I, like the other residents, want to return home ASAP.''

Another property owner, who did not want to be named, said he was also frustrated at the lack of communication.

An EQC spokesman confirmed there had been no contact with the residents since last year.

They had been told via email before Christmas that any progress was unlikely until this week.

Surveyors would be assessing the slip and the surrounding properties this week.

The residents would be updated when more information became available, the spokesman said.

Council building solutions principal adviser Neil Mcleod said the council had been in regular contact with the owners, usually weekly, since the notices were issued.

Engineers from EQC or the owners' insurance companies were responsible for checking the stability of the site, Mr McLeod said.

The residents would be allowed to return home once engineers determined it was safe for them to do so.

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