'Gorgeous spot' to spend time

Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.
Photo by Stephen Jaquiery.

Graeme Anderson has spent the past three years on the road.

The Waikouaiti man is a familiar fixture with his caravan, serving coffee, bacon butties and whitebait patties, in season, beside the Waikouaiti River on State Highway 1.

Mr Anderson, who broke his back in an accident, got the idea of a caravan while at a rugby game one day ''instead of doing nothing for the rest of my life''.

With the help of a carpenter friend, he remodelled a caravan and fitted it out.

There were ''ups and downs'' when it came to business, not to mention the trucks ''throwing gravel'' during strong northwest winds, but it was a ''gorgeous spot'' to be parked, he said.

During the whitebait season, Mr Anderson has a net sitting out the back of his caravan and is usually at work at 6am.

There was a ''huge mix'' of clients - ''every day you don't know who you're talking to'' - including sales representatives and truck drivers.

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