Contractors sought for hospital

The Ministry of Health is advertising for a main contractor and facade contractor for the new Dunedin Hospital outpatient building.

The building, the smaller of the two main buildings in the new hospital campus, is to be built on the former Wilson car parking site.

Contractors have been asked to price up a bid to erect a four-storey building of about 15,400sqm, with plant to be situated on the roof.

The building will eventually be linked to the taller inpatient building, which will be built on the former Cadbury factory site, by two overbridges.

Australasian firm CPB Contractors, which built Christchurch Hospital, has already been named by the ministry as its preferred respondent to build the inpatient building.

The ministry has stressed that this does not mean it is assured of gaining that contract, nor that it is the frontrunner to build the outpatient building.

An independent panel is now assessing the ministry’s application for fast-track consenting of the $1.47billion project.

The ministry has lodged paperwork for inground enabling works for the two main buildings and a logistics centre, and expects to submit consent documentation for construction and operation of the new hospital later this year.

Concept drawings of what the outpatient building might look like were released by the ministry last month, having received developed designs from its architects.

The drawings were of a building with a gross floor area of about 15,000sqm, and with 1088 rooms amid its four storeys.

The requests for proposal for the main contractor close on November 8 and for the facade on October 27.

The ministry is holding a combined supplier briefing for both contracts on October 4.

Final plans for the outpatient building plans, the final design phase for that building, are expected to be ready for ministry approval by Christmas.

Pending consent, the outpatient building, which will house services such as day appointments, clinic rooms, day procedures and non-urgent radiology, is planned to open in early 2025.


Facade? The Front will be real, surely?