New hospital site masterplan: The details

A bird's eye view image of the likely layout of the new Dunedin hospital. Photo: Supplied
A bird's eye view image of the likely layout of the new Dunedin hospital. Photo: Supplied

* Information taken from the new website for the Dunedin Hospital rebuild.

Where are we in the process?

Dunedin’s new hospital will be built on the former Cadbury site and on the immediate block to the north which currently contains a Wilson carpark and other buildings. Work to acquire ownership of the site is well underway, led by Ministry of Health.

So far, planning has involved developing the detailed business cases for the rebuild, selecting the site, and agreeing that the outpatients/ day surgery building would be fast-tracked.

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The Site Masterplan is the next step. It shows broadly the intended location of facilities needed for the New Dunedin Hospital on the identified land, while also identifying required areas for construction and to provide flexibility for the future.

What is the next step?

Once the design team has been appointed they will start work on the Concept Design. The end outcome of this will be the confirmed size and location of the buildings with initial structure and building services systems identified.

An illustration of the likely layout of the new Dunedin hospital. Image: Supplied
An illustration of the likely layout of the new Dunedin hospital. Image: Supplied

Is this what the New Dunedin Hospital will look like?

The Site Masterplan places the main Inpatient building on the former Cadbury block and the Outpatient/Day Surgery building on the Wilson block.

We don’t expect the fundamental layout of these components of the hospital to change. Final recommendations on the shape and dimensions of the buildings will be made by the design team.

What were the key factors in deciding which buildings go where?

The site for the new hospital is a dynamic central city area, requiring careful
consideration. The two blocks provided similar opportunities and challenges. Factors influencing the preferred layout included reducing effects on heritage buildings and public spaces in the vicinity, good connection with our education partners to the north, buildability and retaining the heritage Dairy Building on the former Cadbury block.

Who produced the Site Masterplan and will they design the hospital?

The document was produced by a team of health planners and architects in consultation with Southern DHB. It built on substantial earlier work which described an understanding of the hospital and how it should function.

The Ministry will be running a procurement process to appoint design team consultants for the next design stage early over the next three months.

The Site Masterplan plan shows a different-looking One-Way System and St Andrew Street

While we understand that a central city transport network review is underway involving agencies including the Dunedin City Council and NZTA, the Masterplan is not intended to be anything more than illustrative of potential changes in this respect.

What are the ‘future services’ shown on the plan?

A key focus of the hospital planning is future flexibility and we need options as services reach their end of life. Examples of services which may be accommodated on the site in the future are The Southern Blood and Cancer Service. While all of both blocks are necessary for construction, it is important that a facility of this nature provides capacity for these kinds of services.

What is the Interprofessional Learning Centre?

Southern DHB, University of Otago and Otago Polytechnic have started initial discussions about an Interprofessional Learning Centre on the New Dunedin Hospital campus. This centre could potentially house the hospital’s Professional Development Unit, providing teaching spaces, lecture theatres, simulation facilities, and socialisation space for SDHB staff and for students.

There is also an energy centre shown on the plan

Planning has started on a new District Energy Scheme (DES) for central Dunedin which could power the new hospital. If so, the proposed Energy Centre shown on the plan won’t be needed, although that site might be a suitable location for a facility for the DES network.

Will the site include car-parking?

Current thinking is that there will be a lower level car park. More detailed analysis of patient numbers, workforce, and visitor activities will be needed to help finalise decisions on parking capacity and requirements.

How can the public find out more?

Upcoming public forums will allow the community to find out more and ask questions.

What will happen to the existing hospital buildings?

We are very mindful of Dunedin’s deteriorating hospital facilities and the need to ensure that critical maintenance is performed on the site ahead of the New Dunedin Hospital opening.

Now that the Site Masterplan has been completed, Southern DHB will investigate options for the current site. No decisions have yet been made.



You'll need a lot more than a lower level carpark, don't be so naive. The Cadbury staff carpark between it and the railway station needs to be a multistory carpark (with airbridge to the hospital).

It can be designed to fit in with the surrounding area, or at least look nice like the multi story carpark they built behind the old post office.

If public transport was good there would be less demand for all day parking or visitor parking. The bus hub could be in the basement. The 'multi story carpark they built behind the old post office' is not nice-it's taking valuable land and how much nicer if it was a green space with trees and seats.

I would welcome and use better public transport Nash, but if I was sick or had sick family members to worry about I wouldn't want to be faffing about with buses.