Hungry hordes on the run

If you see droves of people running down Castle St, in Dunedin, next weekend, do not be alarmed - it is just an advertisement for Night'n Day.

The Dunedin-based company will be filming a television advertisement campaign in Castle St North, between Dundas and Brook Sts, from 8am-6pm on March 8 and 9, to be launched nationwide later this year.

Sarah Ramsay, managing director of Immersion Marketing Management, the company responsible for the campaign, said it would be ''fun and ridiculous'', with people dressed as giant food items being chased by a hungry horde.

''We've got everything from a biker gang made up of 5- to 8-year-olds chasing an ice cream, to some local tradies being stunned by a sneaky pie, to students craving slushies.''

It was hoped 200-300 people would be involved in the filming.

The company was still seeking extras.

Castle St was chosen because it was an ''iconic Dunedin-looking street''.

Dunedin City Council technical officer, transportation, Michael Tannock said the street would be closed in two sections.

Traffic in Howe and Brook Sts would be unaffected.

The company had to obtain permission from residents affected by the closure.

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