Labour-led Govt 'win for Dunedin'

David Clark speaks in Dunedin, Photo: ODT
David Clark speaks in Dunedin, Photo: ODT
A Labour-led Government is a victory for Dunedin and one the city helped achieve, Dunedin North Labour MP David Clark says.

Dr Clark, who is in Dunedin tonight, said Labour would make sure Dunedin was not left behind by central government.

"Labour believes that we need all of New Zealand to be progressing strongly, not just the regions."

He thanked Dunedin supporters.

"The Dunedin result contributed strongly to the final outcome, both electorates were up 15 points in the party vote and that is certainly not to be sniffed at."

Dr Clark said he found out Labour would be leading the next Government at the same time as the rest of New Zealand.

"Personally I was gently optimistic, but ultimately delighted when I learnt the result, because I didn’t know one way or another.

"I’m delighted to think I’ll be part of a Government that will make progressive change that will really matter for New Zealanders."

He would be heading to Wellington tomorrow, but last night was celebrating with some of the people who contributed to his campaign in the Dunedin North electorate.

The Labour-led Government would prioritise the rebuild of Dunedin Hospital and dump the option of a private-public partnership.

If he was made Health Minister he would also review the way district health boards were funded.

Asked what he would say to National supporters who believed as the largest party they deserved to be leading the next Government, he said: "MMP is a system that looks to make sure that the majority of people have their interests represented in Government and that’s what we have got in the final outcome."


Just need a change of Council now with a more business focused, more progressive Mayor. Dunedin could start to flourish and not remain back in the 1990's.



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