Lammerlaw firefighting response winds down

Graeme Still
Graeme Still
Efforts to extinguish a blaze near Middlemarch are at an end, after almost a week.

Firefighting crews have been battling the 5060 hectare blaze in the Lammerlaw Ranges since Saturday.

Otago District Principal Rural Firefighter Graeme Still said two firefighters were left at the scene yesterday to monitor the ground.

He was confident the firefighting was coming to an end.

"A helicopter flew around yesterday morning, particularly looking at previous hot spots we had identified but to my knowledge there are no hot spots left.

"We've got rain forecast for the next few days and next week, which will help."

The command unit stationed near the site of the blaze was removed on Wednesday.

Mr Still said the pressure had eased.

"I'm always anxious until I can say with 100% certainty it's over; but we're getting there.

"It's been huge but we might be able to relax soon."

The firefighters involved had done a fantastic job and were hopefully getting some rest, he said.

Inquiries into the fire's cause are ongoing.

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