Mall gets a taste of fringe benefits

The Meridian mall was touched by the exotic and the slothful yesterday, as Fringe Festival acts brought the stage to the house of commerce.

Fringe Hits was offering shoppers a quick taste of the joy of fringe, and market-goers and students will get that chance today.

The pop-up event yesterday featured belly dancing, Symphony of Sloths and Danny Syme from The Movie Star.

Christchurch belly dancer Aaralyn began, and with a beaming smile and a flick of the hips, quickly drew a crowd, and the gaze of passing school boys.

She teased men in the audience with a tickle of her purple feathery props, and exhibited some graceful gyrations and flicks of the shoulder.

Fringe Hits heads to the Otago Farmers Market this morning, and the University of Otago campus this afternoon.

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