Man brutally attacked in north Dunedin

The serious assault of a 20-year-old Dunedin man by a group of youths is being investigated by Dunedin police.

The 20-year-old was allegedly attacked by four or five males believed to be in their mid-teens outside the main gates of the Dunedin Botanic Garden about 3.20am on Friday.

He was knocked unconscious, bled "profusely" from a facial laceration and also suffered bumps, swelling and soreness to his body, Sergeant Chris George said.

The man was taken by ambulance to Dunedin Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Sgt George said one of the youths was believed to be named Joshua.

"The victim heard one of the attackers using that name," he said.

It appeared the assault was unprovoked.

There was "a bit of a verbal exchange" between the man and the youths, although they were not known to each other, Sgt George said.

Before the attack, the youths had been sitting on park bench seats outside the garden gates, near the intersection of North and Opoho Rds.

Sgt George was seeking information about the offenders, as well as a potential witness.

He said a female Caucasian with blonde hair was seen driving a red car at the scene about the time of the attack. She may have known the youths.

Anyone with information about the attack was asked to contact Dunedin police.

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