Measures to ease bridge-closure congestion

Traffic queues at the intersection of Clyde and Albany Sts yesterday, where a trial roundabout is...
Traffic queues at the intersection of Clyde and Albany Sts yesterday, where a trial roundabout is to be installed next week to try to ease congestion. PHOTO: PETER MCINTOSH
Bus routes are being rejigged, and a temporary roundabout will be installed, to try to ease mounting traffic congestion around the Dundas St bridge in North Dunedin.

The bridge in the central university area was closed earlier this month, to allow flood-protection work linked to the final stage of the Otago Regional Council's Leith flood protection scheme.

The bridge was expected to remain closed to vehicles and pedestrian traffic until August, and is already fuelling frustration as motorists are forced into increasingly clogged streets surrounding the work site.

ORC engineering, hazards and science director Gavin Palmer said the ORC and Dunedin City Council were working together to try to reduce congestion in the area.

"The last thing either council wants is to see any accidents or pedestrians being at risk of injury."

The problems were being exacerbated by large numbers of roadwork and construction projects in the area, including the bridge work, and also the return of university and polytech students.

As a result, a trial roundabout - involving painted markings on the road - would be added at the Clyde-Albany St intersection next week, weather permitting.

Two bus services - the No 14 (city to Port Chalmers) and No 63 (Balaclava-city-Logan Park) were also being diverted along Albany St to and from Anzac Ave, to avoid Clyde St and Union St East, he said.

The DCC had added two temporary bus stops on Albany St, near the Uniprint building, for the redirected services, he said.

"We will continue to work with DCC to monitor and look at ways we can protect the community from harm and ease congestion in this area," he said.

Both councils were also considering the best ways to inform people about the bridge closure and detours before the Eagles concert at the nearby Forsyth Barr Stadium on March 2.

"But for safety reasons we cannot reopen the bridge while works are incomplete."


Most could leave their cars at home and take the bus

That's no excuse for the balls up this has been.

Why aren't we all surprised. Once again DCC simply have not thought through potential issues and made contingency plans.
Yes, they created temporary bus stops, but absolutely no thought of where the traffic would go. And who forgot there was a stadium down there that people actually attend once in a while? Probably excusable, the council staff only tour the area on quiet week day mornings when the stadium is pretty sleepy.
I wonder how much this panicked reaction will cost? Just another $200,000 or so? Does DCC ever deliver a project on time and in budget?

It is beyond stupid that this work was not started three months earlier, during the quiet time when students were away. The issues being seen now should have been apparent well before this. The University is having to post 24 hour security to stop students attempting to cross thru the work site and avoid the long detour required.