More rain expected in city but worst over

Ollie McLennan, 6, gives mud-splattered Green Island forward Amos Roddick a pat on the head after...
Ollie McLennan, 6, gives mud-splattered Green Island forward Amos Roddick a pat on the head after Green Island beat Southern in a club rugby match at Bathgate Park on Saturday. A larger-than-expected front brushed the South Island over the weekend, leading to heavy rain in Dunedin. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY
More wet weather is on its way for Dunedin after a bit of a squishy weekend.

MetService forecaster Ngaire Wotherspoon said Dunedin received about 62mm of rain, from Friday afternoon to yesterday morning.

Dunedin Airport got about 56mm of rain over the 48-hour period.

The downpour was caused by a larger-than-expected front brushing the lower South Island, she said.

"It really was a solid period of rain for this time of year in Dunedin."

For the year so far, Dunedin had had about 315mm of rain, while about 270mm had been recorded at Dunedin Airport.

"So that puts the downpour in perspective."

Rain was expected over the weekend, but the intensity of it was not, she said.

Balclutha also got a bit wet, with more than 50mm over the weekend.

By mid-Saturday, the Otago Regional Council had issued heavy rain warnings for Dunedin and and coastal South Otago.

Dunedin City Council posted on social media on Saturday that its contractors were out across the city preparing for heavy rain by checking stormwater systems, sweeping gutters and checking mud tanks and grates in low-lying and high-risk areas. The work was precautionary.

Ms Wotherspoon said more rain was forecast for Dunedin today, but not to the intensity of the weekend.

"You’ve got another severe front passing through the North Island, which is likely to be more sustained than the ‘on-off’ rain due to hit Dunedin.

"We expect the West Coast to get a decent hammering, too."

Earlier last week, there had been some indication Dunedin might miss the bulk of the weekend rain, but a change in weather systems eventually put paid to that, which was why people should keep up to date with the latest forecasts, she said.

No serious damage was reported from the rain, though yesterday’s scheduled Mud, Sweat and Tears Challenge at Wingatui Racecourse was called off due to the weather.


In 48 hours to 1pm yesterday 

Leith at Pine Hill 89.5mm

Leith at Sullivans Dam 102mm

Silver Stream at Swampy Spur 92.5mm

Musselburgh 71mm

Silver Stream at Mosgiel 65.5mm

*No monitoring sites in Dunedin reached flood alert levels 

Source: Otago Regional Council