No smoking in DCC flats

New tenants of Dunedin City Council flats will not be allowed to smoke inside from July 1.

A non-smoking clause will be added to all DCC leases requiring tenants as part of the council's new smoke-free policy, adopted by councillors yesterday.

There is no existing non-smoking clause for council flats, and the new policy will not apply to existing tenants, as they hold periodic leases with no end date and those cannot be altered.

The policy will mainly see the installation of more smoke-free signage on council property, and more work to get the smokefree and cessation support message across at council-organised events and within the council.

The changes will be made within existing budgets.

They were passed unanimously, with a request from Cr David Benson-Pope that the wording be added, where possible, to existing signs, because the proliferation of signage was a disease and many an attractive place was destroyed by the ''moronic location of unnecessary signage''.

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