Opposition to St Clair child-care centre

Some residents have voiced concern the quiet environment in Hobson St, St Clair, will be adversely affected by proposals to establish a 60-child early childhood learning centre there.

Hobson St resident Grant Hastie said adverse effects arising from child-care centres established elsewhere were highlighted at a public meeting in the street last night.

Twenty-eight people attended.

Increased traffic and parking problems arising from people dropping off or picking up children had had a "diabolical" effect on nearby residents in other places where centres had been established, Mr Hastie said in an interview.

Many residents would probably make submissions to the Dunedin City Council opposing the resource consent sought for the proposed development before the June 9 deadline, he said.

Some submissions on the early childhood centre proposal had already been made.

Tony Stevely, a St Clair resident who is one of the owners of the proposed centre, said it was meeting a clear community need for more early childhood care.

It would be a high-quality operation which would "blend in" with the street, he said.

The centre wanted to be a good and considerate neighbour and would have seven car parks on the property.

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