Otago Uni mag bans Trump's name

His name is everywhere - from hats, to newspapers, to skyscrapers. But as of now, there is one media outlet in Dunedin where the US President's name won't be found.

Otago University student magazine Critic has banned the words ‘Donald Trump’ from its pages.

In an editorial which appears in the first issue of Critic for 2018 on Sunday, titled "Why This Is The Only Time You Will See the Words ‘Donald Trump’ in Critic This Year", editor Joel MacManus describes the decision as “our small and almost entirely pointless form of protest from all the way on the other side of the world”.

US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters
US President Donald Trump. Photo: Reuters

The Critic Style Guide would now tell writers to replace the words ‘Donald Trump’ with either his title, or a nickname when appropriate.

Before the Republican became President of the United States, Trump came from the world of business and was star of the television series The Apprentice.

MacManus said he hoped the policy would draw attention to the "absurdity" of Mr Trump’s statements and actions.

“When we use his name, we think of the TV star, the grandiose showman of casinos and golf courses, the guy that we all treated as a clown.

"When he does something insane, we shrug it off. “We shouldn’t. We should treat it as we would treat any President or leader saying what he says of doing what he does.”

Critic said it hoped more media outlets would follow its lead in not printing Mr Trump's name.




Pointless is spot on.

Surely a more mature way of expressing your view would have been to investigate his Presidency over the past year? Perhaps providing your readers both sides of the argument surrounding Donald Trump and his rise to power....But no,

All you have done is show your complete immaturity by sticking your fingers in your ears.

Childish and pathetic,words fail me again.

So much for free thought and free speech. And from a university.

Super, super, idea Critic. Now a nickname?
'Trump's is also a British colloquialism for “fart,” which should make for interesting diplomatic gatherings when someone says “ President Trump,” and an entire contingent of world leaders complies.'