Plans for building on wharf at Taieri Mouth

A Dunedin company plans to create a multipurpose building at Taieri Mouth. Proposal 1. IMAGES:...
A Dunedin company plans to create a multipurpose building at Taieri Mouth. Proposal 1. IMAGES: SUPPLIED
Plans to create a house and a multipurpose venue on a wharf with a pontoon at Taieri Mouth have been floated in a resource consent application.

Dunedin company Onumai Enterprises has applied for consents with the Otago Regional Council, which will be open for public feedback.

The proposed multipurpose building will cover most of the wharf area that is vacant between the storage units.

At 5.9m above ground level, the proposed building would be higher than the existing storage units. They are about 3m above ground level.

The application said the company hoped the site would function "as an all-tide base for recreational, sporting and school-based activities and events requiring access to the coastal marine area, including access for disabled persons".

It would also feature "residential accommodation for the applicant and their family", as well as "short-term rented accommodation in the style of Airbnb or similar".

The proposed multipurpose building would be about 82sqm, about 14sqm bigger than the existing storage sheds on the site.

"The applicants already run a successful holiday retreat in the settlement and are aware of the need for additional accommodation and the development recreation activities for guests," the application documents said.

Proposal 2.
Proposal 2.
It also noted the Taieri River was popular with school and club water sport activities, such as rowing, kayaking and multisport events.

"These organisations require a base for these activities in Taieri Mouth," the application said.

"There are currently no all-tide access wharf facilities for small craft (kayaks, rowing skiffs, small sailing boats) in the Taieri Mouth area.

"Accommodation in the settlement also comes under significant pressure at these times."

The documents said the existing structures were "dilapidated and potentially unsafe, and parts of it are no longer required".

"They are not listed heritage buildings and retain no heritage values, nor do they adjoin or sit within a historic site."

The company planned to upgrade and strengthen the existing wharf if necessary, but the application documents said it did "not envisage this to require disturbance of the seabed".

"We believe that any adverse effects on amenity values from construction activities and temporary occupation of the building will be less than minor," the documents said.

"Overall, the effects of temporary occupation are likely to be positive on the social and economic wellbeing of the local community."

Submissions on the proposal close on September 15.