'Plenty more to get on with': Hawkins to stand for re-election

Aaron Hawkins
Aaron Hawkins
Dunedin Mayor Aaron Hawkins has confirmed he will stand for re-election at this year’s local body elections, and is looking forward to fierce competition for the top job.

He said he was proud of the direction the city was heading and was seeking a mandate to continue that work.

"I’d always expect an election to be hard fought. It’s the biggest decision our community makes in terms of charting a course for the city.

"My son asked me why I do this the other day, and I told him it’s for him.

"I go to work every day thinking of him, his kids and those who come after that. We have a duty to make decisions in their best interests."

The country had been asked to do "extraordinary things as part of its response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it had taken a toll on people".

"The Covid protections have meant some have taken a hit personally, and others financially, but everyone is exhausted after two years of this.

"No surprises here, but if there’s one thing I would change about the past two and a-half years, it would be the global pandemic."

In the next term, he hoped to be able to spend more time face to face with communities.

"Zoom has been a useful tool, but nothing beats human interaction for building and strengthening relationships."

He was proud of what the council had achieved over the past two and a-half years, such as investing in playgrounds and public housing, and building a more people-friendly city centre.

"Reconnecting people to their libraries by scrapping overdue fines. Broadening our perspective by appointing mana whenua representatives to council committees. Getting on with the job of fixing our ageing infrastructure.

"And (finally!) restarting our public art programme with the wonderful Ko te Tuhono [public artwork] in the Octagon.

"But there’s still plenty more to get on with, and for now that has to be our focus."


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To Radich, Houlahan,VdV and o'Malley - the city begs you to work collaboratively to beat this guy and give him no portfolios next term assuming he gets back in as councillor. Of course he was coming back for another go, he isn't qualified for anything except leftist rabblerousing.

Um ...Pinkney. The city does not beg those particular people to beat this guy. (Who could work with VdV anyway?) He speaks for most of us in stopping these games they play.

Vandervis collaborative, now there's an oxymoron if ever I saw one.

You represent the City?

No, please no.

Please don't the clown show must stop now.

It would be great to have Hawkins back as Mayor if he had delivered. However, he and his Council have been a dismal failure that has cost ratepayers dearly. He was only elected by default because of the perverse proportional representation electoral system use by DCC.

Just when we've had a streak of bad luck we get more bad news. Go away Mr Hawkins you are nothing but a hindrance to prosperity and an autocrat.

The smile says it all? Agggh - Please someone save us!!!!!

What a lot of trite rubbish? If Dunedin ratepayers are taken in with this drivelling homily they deserve all they get! Hawkins does not have the skills to represent ratepayers as a Councillor never mind Mayor. This has been amply demonstrated throughout his term in office.

I cannot think of a more inept and divisive mayor. Please can the sensible six work together to oust this disaster and his motley crew of government puppets.

My early concerns that he was going to be a Mayor who advocates for the Government rather than the people of Dunedin were correct. We need a Mayor to represent Dunedin not his/her personal political affiliations.

No. No. ... God No.

Of course there is more to do: it is still possible to drive from Brighton to Pine Hill, that needs to be stopped. There is at least another $60 million to be splurged on bike tracks from Middlemarch to the Octigan. If the greens aren't in power how will any of these important things happen?

Please no.
I am definitely inspired to put my vote in this time around.

Sorry Aaron you are passed your use by date along with your cronies

So he's seeking a mandate is he?, he never sought a mandate when he gave away our water assets to three waters. And when you have a vote on it and it doesnt go the way you wanted then having another vote is dishonest and not democratic and neither is appointing unelected mana whenua to comitties.

Gosh, he's not very popular is he?

The rage of older white men a spectacle to behold. Just as well they’re not the only ones to decide.

Personally I'd vote for anyone who makes moving Camp Crusty out of the Octagon a priority. Let's face it, that's not him. The business owners there have suffered enough and so have we ordinary ratepayers.

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