Rates remission policy amended

A policy enabling rates remission for voluntarily protected land has been amended by the Dunedin City Council's finance, strategy and development committee.

At its meeting yesterday, the committee also considered the first two applications for rates remissions made under the policy, which was adopted during the 2003-04 annual plan process.

A $432 remission was granted to Dieter Dunkel, Lutz Ritter and Sandra Clair, as the owners of a 23.6ha Highcliff Rd property, of which 9ha was voluntarily protected for conservation purposes.

The committee declined an application by Robert White and Ruth Goldsmith for a $292 remission on their 15.5ha Deborah Bay property, of which 13ha was protected.

When the property was bought, a condition of consent required part of the land to be protected for conservation, therefore the application failed policy criteria in relation to voluntary protection.

An amendment to the policy was made because, since its adoption, there have been legislation changes, which superceded parts of the policy.

The amended policy provided for the exclusive inclusion of areas of significant conservation value and simplified the application process for rates remission.


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