Review of lane-charging

Dunedin city councillors have asked staff to report in the next six months to the community development and environment committee on how the lane charging system at Moana Pool is working.

The request follows one from the Dunedin Swim Coaching Board to the 2014-15 annual plan-setting process, seeking that the council remove the lane charge to the board and review the available lane space allocation to the board and the public.

The board said swimmers training were effectively being charged three times to use lanes: through their concession, for the lane use and for the coaching they were getting.

Staff advised councillors who were considering the request yesterday that lane space allocation was a finely balanced thing and that the present system was put in place as the best option to maximise lane use and to encourage clubs to make more efficient use of lane space.

Infrastructure and networks group manager Tony Avery said advice from staff was that it had not really made much of a difference in that regard.

The concern was that in providing any more flexibility in allowing training swimmers to use other lanes, the message being sent was that the casual space was less and less.

''We think the current situation addresses the situation as well as it can do.''


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