Royal warm welcome

Photo by Gerard O'Brien.
Photo by Gerard O'Brien.

Dorothy Andrews, of Mosgiel, works on the woollen shawl she plans to send to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge for the royal baby, due this month.

Mrs Andrews was halfway through crocheting the shawl, when she realised she had a problem.

She had to start all over again after finding she had inadvertently used Australian wool.

Mrs Andrews is sending the large, round shawl, along with locally-made soap, to the couple. While she had an interest in them, she was not a big royal-watcher, she said. She hoped the gift would put Dunedin and Mosgiel on the itinerary for any future visit by Prince William and his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

''It was just an idea that came to me, and I thought I'd do it.''

She had not read the wool label correctly the first time.

''It's all right; it was practice. I'll give [the first one] to someone else.''

She finally tracked down some New Zealand wool, which had been processed in Milton.

The 155cm-wide shawl was suitable for the warmer months in England, she said.

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