Saint Patrick's Day chaos in North Dunedin

A man was placed into a recovery position by police before he was taken away in a St John...
A man was placed into a recovery position by police before he was taken away in a St John ambulance. Photo: Chris Morris
A man who appeared unconscious has been taken away by ambulance after coming off a Lime e-scooter as hordes of Saint Patrick's Day revellers celebrate in the student quarter.

A reporter at the scene said the man, who was dressed in green and came of the scooter on Castle St near the Dundas St intersection, was placed into a recovery position by police before he was taken away in a St John ambulance.

He was not moving and appeared to be unconscious.

This comes as hordes people, many of them intoxicated and dressed in Saint Patrick's Day attire , are swarming the student quarter.

A group of hundreds was making their way along George, Dundas and Castle Sts, stopping at flat parties along the way.

Some were walking through traffic, or weaving through the surrounding streets on Lime e-scooters.

Photo: Chris Morris
Photo: Chris Morris

Emergency services were earlier called to the student quarter after Lime scooters were torched at a large, boozy party.

An ODT reporter at the scene said police and Campus Watch were at the gathering in Leith and Castle streets this morning.

A fire crew put out one fire after four e-scooters were piled up and torched.

The reporter said he saw one person kicking in a car window, cutting his leg, and one "drunk" onlooker abused him as he was trying to take photos.

Last night two people were arrested after disorder across North Dunedin as police attended couch fires and fighting on the street.

One person has been taken into custody after reports of at least six people fighting on the street in the Dunedin suburb of Opoho.

A police spokesman said they were called to Signal Hill Rd near the intersection with Windsor St at 8.31pm.

There were reports of six people fighting on the street.

Two police cars were called and arrived to find people spilling on to the street.

A later unconfirmed report came to police that up to 12 people were fighting.

One person had been taken into custody.

At 9.34pm police were called to a couch fire on Castle St.

Earlier they were called to Harbour Tce where there were reports of people wanting to set fire to a couch, while dozens stood around.

One person was arrested but police had no confirmation a couch fire was actually lit.





Its time the university stepped in and put a stop to this. Don't they care about their students?

Considering how much the police have on their plate after the shocking events in Christchurch on Friday, this behaviour beggars belief. And so disrespectful to the community, and emergency services, after what has just happened. Selfish and shameful.