Saintly painters to the rescue

After being left in tears by a rogue painter, South Dunedin woman Lynn Paterson turned to Simon...
After being left in tears by a rogue painter, South Dunedin woman Lynn Paterson turned to Simon Tangney, of Decorating Services Ltd, to repaint her living room and kitchen. PHOTO: STEPHEN JAQUIERY
After paying more than $800 for a paint job which left her in tears, South Dunedin woman Lynn Paterson quickly found her knights in shining armour.

Mrs Paterson had hired an unregistered painter to paint her living room and kitchen area but as soon as he applied the moss green coloured paint, she knew something was wrong.

``He didn't even use a test pot and it was the most awful green mossy colour. I just burst into tears as soon I saw it.''

But the bad paint job did not stop there. Large streaks of paint were left across the roof and when Mrs Paterson asked for it to be repainted, she was told it would be another $450.

``I just couldn't believe it. I was so upset I didn't know what to do.''

It was when Mrs Paterson contacted Simon Tangney, of Decorating Services Ltd, to give her a quote for a repaint, that her bad news story turned into a good one.

As soon as Mr Tangney saw the previous paint job he knew it had not been done with any great care or effort.

He then offered to have his team repaint the room at no cost.

``I nearly cried all over again,'' Mrs Paterson said.

The free work was about restoring people's confidence in painters, Mr Tangney said.

``We do it now and then for people when we see they haven't had the greatest experience.

``It's just about being a good company and good ambassadors for the painting industry.''

Experiences such as Mrs Paterson's showed why it was important to use a registered master painter, he said.

Mrs Paterson said she hoped to get her money back through legal action, but attempts to contact the original painter had been unsuccessful and there was no record of her hiring him since she paid in cash.

``I'm hopeful I will get my money back but it just shows why you should use someone who is registered,'' she said.

Attempts by the Otago Daily Times to contact the painter were also unsuccessful.

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