Seen on roof before burglary

Police are investigating a burglary at the Green Island Rugby Football Club and a report young people were seen acting suspiciously on the clubhouse roof an hour earlier.

Senior Sergeant Steve Aitken said the club reported a burglary about 9.30pm on Monday.

An hour earlier, a member of the public had reported suspicious behaviour by young people on the roof. Police spoke to those involved, who claimed to be retrieving a ball they had kicked on to the roof.

Snr Sgt Aitken said one of those spoken to by police, a 17-year-old Dunedin youth, was arrested in relation to a separate matter.

Police are investigating a report of a Peeping Tom at the Chatsford retirement village near Mosgiel.

A female staff member was swimming in Chatsford's indoor pool about 6am on Monday when she noticed a man outside looking in through tinted windows.

"He was reportedly walking around and peering in windows," Snr Sgt Aitken said.

The man was not a resident of Chatsford or a staff member and police were called to investigate.


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