Several minor vehicle accidents attributed to black ice

Black ice caused several motor vehicle crashes, cancelled and delayed flights, and interrupted public bus services in Dunedin yesterday.

Rain overnight froze early and travellers had difficulty from 6.40am.

Dunedin police responded to five vehicle crashes in the 40 minutes to 7.20am, and seven in total before 9.30am.

The most serious involved a small truck in Brockville Rd, which crashed into a lamp post at 6.40am.

Senior Sergeant Bruce Ross said the male driver of the truck, believed to be in his 40s, was ejected from the vehicle and taken to Dunedin Hospital with moderate injuries.

There was a second crash in Brockville Rd, as well as two vehicle accidents in Brighton Rd and another in Kaikorai Valley Rd.

A vehicle crashed on State Highway 87, about 2km from Outram, at 9.30am and there was an earlier vehicle incident on SH1, near Evansdale.

Snr Sgt Bruce Ross said there were no reports of serious injury.

At Dunedin International Airport, three flights between Dunedin and Christchurch were cancelled and others delayed because of ice.

The Otago Regional Council stated on its website public bus services throughout Dunedin had been delayed by icy road conditions.

Dunedin police used social media websites to warn motorists of dangerous driving conditions and several Dunedin residents commented, detailing locations of black ice.

Dunedin road policing manager Senior Sergeant Phil McDouall said drivers setting out in the early morning in particular needed to be extremely careful.

''There is a lot of ice around on these bright, frosty mornings and it does require drivers to be patient. Drive very slowly and where possible use main routes in the city that are gritted,'' he said.

Winter driving tips
• Drive to conditions.
• Allow greater following distances.
• Obey emergency road signs and barriers.
• Follow directions of police and other authorised people.
• Avoid towing in icy conditions.


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