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Paul Whiteman
Paul Whiteman
Work and Income has approved emergency dental treatment for invalid beneficiary Paul Whiteman, who has also accepted a free set of dentures.

The Otago Daily Times reported on Wednesday the Dunedin man had been told by the government agency to get another quote to have his rotten teeth removed.

Mr Whiteman said yesterday Dr James English, of Lumino The Dentists, had since talked to Winz staff about extracting his remaining teeth and inserting a full set of dentures.

''Top and bottom, they're doing the whole lot.''

Mr Whiteman said he borrowed $1000 from Winz to pay for some of the dental work.

Lumino The Dentists South Island regional manager Moira Kliegl said $1000 would not cover the cost of the work but Dr English would do the rest of the work pro bono.

''Winz came to the party and Lumino are doing everything they can to complete the work and insert the dentures, supplied by a Dunedin lab at no cost, to the patient.''

The person who donated the dentures wanted to remain anonymous, she said.


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