Southern drivers praised

Police have praised drivers who took to Otago-Southland roads over December and January, reporting one fewer death over the Safer Summer campaign period than 12 months earlier.

Motorists appeared to be driving more carefully and safely, with greater consideration for other road users, than during the previous December-January, Senior Sergeant Steve Larking, acting Southern district road policing manager, said.

''The reality is, however, that a number of drivers were still involved in crashes that resulted in people suffering lifelong injuries.''

He reminded motorists they should always drive at a safe speed for the conditions as ''this is a key factor in preventing death and serious injuries on our roads''.

Another issue over the summer campaign was motorists' use of cellphones while driving, which was a real safety risk for those drivers, their passengers and other road users.

''Police will continue to target drivers who break the law and put themselves and others at risk by driving while talking or texting on their cellphones.''

• During February and March, police would conduct an intersection campaign in Dunedin, focusing on driver behaviour at intersections, including cellphone use and wearing of seat belts, Snr Sgt Larking said.

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