Supply issue delays return of blazers

Rick Geerlofs
Rick Geerlofs
A manufacturing delay means the long-awaited return of blazers to the Kaikorai Valley College uniform has been prolonged.

It has been more than 30 years since pupils at the Dunedin secondary school last wore blazers as part of their school uniform.

And despite their promised return at the start of this year, pupils have to wait because of manufacturing delays.

Principal Rick Geerlofs said the school was having ''issues'' with the supply of blazers and blouses which were ''out of our control''.

''We're doing everything we can to expedite the progress.

''We're hopeful most of the issues will be sorted out in the next week.''

''It's unfortunate that this has happened, but they are just teething problems and we don't envisage this happening again in the future.''

Mr Geerlofs said there had been some pupils who had been unable to get all parts of the new school uniform, and were told they should wear the school's former uniform until the new one arrived.

After blazers were phased out in the 1970s, year 13 pupils were later allowed to wear mufti.

Until this year, the school had been the only secondary school in Dunedin without a school blazer, and the school felt it would be good for the pupils' image to bring it back.

Senior pupils said mufti was fine on a day-to-day basis, but in comparison to other schools, they felt under-dressed at public functions, and many pupils were finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with fashion and the associated expense of buying new clothes.

The new senior uniform sees the return of the school's green blazer, with added blue trim, and white shirts with ''KVC'' embroidered on the collar.

Junior boys are continuing to wear white polo shirts, junior girls have been given embroidered blouses, and both have been given woollen vests with the school's logo.

The new uniforms are now compulsory, except for year 13, which will become compulsory in 2014.

The uniforms will be phased in to help cut dramatically higher uniform costs for parents.

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