Talk on threat to homeopathic medicine

Prominent campaigner for political truth and integrity, and former oilfield executive Ian Crane, will be in Dunedin to discuss potential threats to the production of natural, herbal and homeopathic medicines.

Mr Crane is giving presentations around the world.

In these, he warns the continued availability of natural, herbal and homeopathic medicines is being threatened across the globe by carefully crafted legislation which is slowly but surely finding its way on to statute books.

"Unless the people of New Zealand wake up to what is going on, soon the only medicines available in New Zealand, and ultimately worldwide, will be products licensed by pharmaceutical companies."

Much of this was already a reality in the European Union since the Traditional Herbal Medicine Products (EU) Directive took effect from May 1, 2011, he said.

His presentation, titled Making Sickness Compulsory - The UN agenda to Destroy Natural Farming and Eradicate the Natural Health Industry, will be held in the University of Otago Archway Lecture Theatre 1 at 6.45pm tomorrow.

The presentation will be preceded by a pot-luck tea in the Otago Museum Reserve at 5pm, which will serve to highlight the issue.



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