Teen's alleged trifecta of bad driving in Octagon

A large crowd standing in Dunedin’s CBD after a fire alarm went off early on Sunday morning, were fortunate not to be mowed down by a car driving the wrong way around the Octagon without lights on.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond said police observed the vehicle driving dangerously about 1.30am, and stopped it to speak to the 19-year-old driver.

"He was under the influence of alcohol and blew 925mcg.

"At that time as well, the fire alarm had gone off at Vault 21, so that had pushed [occupants of] the whole pub out into the street.

"They’re all looking to see what’s going on at Vault or walking to the other bars which were still operating, to get in the queues there.

"There were a lot of people around that could have been injured."

Snr Sgt Bond said the man’s licence was suspended for 28 days and he is due to appear in the Dunedin District Court, on several charges.

"He was from out of town and he was trying to pick people up, but he wasn’t doing it the correct way — and he shouldn’t have been driving to begin with."