Thefts from vehicles spur police move

Police will bolster their presence in North Dunedin after dozens of thefts from vehicles, and they are asking the public to help catch the offenders.

There had been 39 thefts from vehicles reported in the suburbs of Pine Hill and Northeast Valley so far this year, Sergeant Tony Ritchie, of the tactical crime unit, said.

''There have been a lot of victims and anyone who has had [a theft from a vehicle], well, it is surprising how much an impact it can have.''

The offenders had targeted vehicles parked in the street and in driveways, sometimes forcing entry to vehicles.

Thefts included wallets, coins, iPods and GPS equipment, Sgt Ritchie said.

''Even if there is nothing of value in their cars, cars are getting damaged. So there is an annoyance factor as well,'' he said.

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