Vogel St gigabit Wi-Fi for party

Stewart Fleming.
Stewart Fleming.
Wicked Networks, the Dunedin Wi-Fi supplier, is providing free gigabit-capable public Wi-Fi at today's Vogel St party to help celebrate Dunedin as the City of Literature and Light.

Wicked Networks founder Stewart Fleming yesterday said using the capabilities of the Chorus ultra-fast broadband network, Wicked would have two sites providing Wi-Fi at the street party.

Guests at the party could connect to the wireless signal ''Wicked Networks on Vogel St'' and receive access to free, high-speed unlimited internet for the duration of the event.

Wicked Networks and Mr Fleming have a long history in Dunedin of providing public-access Wi-Fi, including his most recent involvement in a learning centre in the Dunedin Gasworks Museum.

''For us at Wicked, this brings to an end of the first year of innovation around gigabit UFB capabilities. We were the first to demonstrate gigabit UFB in October 2014 and upgraded our hot spot network to include free unlimited gigabit Wi-Fi in Dunedin in February.''

Wicked had launched new products for student, residential. commercial and hospitality markets, he said.

The Gasworks and Valley Project would help Dunedin youth engage with programming, web development, robotics and other new technologies.

Gigabit UFB was a ''huge enabler'' for Dunedin and Chorus was to be congratulated for accelerating the UFB roll-out to cover all areas of the city by 2017, Mr Fleming said.

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