Wanted: A sexier Dunedin

One Dunedin city councillor believes Dunedin's tourist attractions are not ‘‘sexy' enough.

After listening to a report from Tourism Dunedin about niche markets, birdwatching and ‘‘nature lovers'', Cr Michael Guest wanted to know when city councillors could start having input into the city's tourism strategy.

Cr Guest said he was ‘‘brimming'' with ideas on improving the city's tourism industry.

‘‘It's got to be more than bored looking people standing in the rain in Baldwin St.''

He suggested Dunedin needed more ‘‘sex, drugs and rock 'n roll' and he ‘‘cringed'' at some of the city's more ‘‘boring'' attractions.

‘‘I think we tend to get stuck on architecture, the arts and ecotourism without catering for those people that want to have fun.''

Cr Guest would like tourists to be introduced to Dunedin's music scene as an alternative to being sent to the albatross colony ‘‘. . . to look at a large seagull which doesn't always appear and then say what a marvellous destination we are''.

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