Waste collection up for discussion

Dunedin City councillors will be weighing up at next week’s annual plan meeting whether to change the way Dunedin residents are charged for waste collection.

Waste collection costs are set to balloon in 2023 following the introduction of extra bins and collections.

While residents are now charged a flat rate of $106.10 per year for kerbside waste collection, councillors will consider the best way to charge ratepayers for the increased costs in the future.

Options to be considered at next week’s meeting include charging a flat rate per property of $290, switch to a progressive targeted rate, or implement a combination of the systems.

A progressive targeted rate would result in households charged for waste collection based on the capital value of their property, while the combination option would mean households were charged a base rate of either $29, $106.10 or $217.50, the balance calculated based on capital value.

During last year’s 10-year plan deliberations, councillors voted to bring in the new waste collection system.

Bins for general waste and food scraps will be added to the existing glass and general recycling bins, with an optional garden waste bin available at extra cost.

The cost for the kerbside collection of the four bins is projected to cost between $270 and $310 in the first year of the service.

The the optional garden waste bin would cost $140 to $180 per year.

Councillors will also receive a report next week on the feasibility of using ‘‘pay as you throw‘‘ technology for waste collection charges at the meeting.

The report concludes that technology is not yet practical to implement in Dunedin.



WHERE is the Option for those who live Sustainably? Who THINK before they buy NON recyclables? Who have a Home Compost ?

Does the Council care? What are they doing to lead Us to Sustainability ? Seemingly a rates increase will cover all.....

Shame !

‘‘pay as you throw‘‘ technology for waste collection charges at the meeting... ...The report concludes that technology is not yet practical to implement in Dunedin.:

We had that already - it was called buying a DCC rubbish bag!

We are retired and two of us live on our property. All our organic waste is composted and our rubbish including glass goes out every three to four weeks. Our neighbour has 10 people living on their property, five of whom work. A mountain of rubbish goes out every week! Is it reasonable that they pay the same for rubbish collection? DCC just couldn’t care less?

It is quite common in Australia for councils to offer different rubbish bins sizes at different prices. From memory ratepayers can opt from 80, 100 or 140 litre bins paying the requisite amount via rates. Some large households even have two bins.

Very doable if councils want to. DCC is supposedly interested in reducing rubbbish so this type of user pays scheme should be a no brainer.