I wish the others would see the problem

I'm sick of George's vision problems.

The gang and I had to send the local nerve messengers all the way to the Frontal Lobe from here in the Occipital Lobe again.

George needs glasses.

They're so lazy up there. If we haven't asked them to put glasses in his dull mind 15,000 times today ... I mean, how do they expect us to do such brilliant visual processing if they won't get him glasses?We're working three times as hard as we should be.

His optic muscles are over-worked and the guys in the hypothalamus are at us again!Hypothalamic neurons are always stressing over nothing - monitoring hunger, thirst, body temperature. They're safety freaks.

I could be worse off.

I could be stuck with the geeks in the Wernicke's area, putting things into words - language stuff.

I wouldn't mind being a memory librarian in the Hippocampus though.

And everyone likes the sporty Cerebellum neurons that control movement.

But none of them can see outside George.

That's my job. I'm a news reporter.

And we're a tight gang, us Occipital Lobe neurons.

When George wakes up and opens his eyes, it's all go.

Here we go - better get back to work!


• By Lydia Anderson, Year 10, Bayfield High School

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