$2.9m ACC bill for scooter injuries

Lime is set to return in Auckland. Photo: NZ Herald
Lime are one of a number of e-scooter companies now operating in New Zealand. Photo: NZ Herald
Scooter injuries have cost the country $3 million in the past five months - but cyclists are still more injury-prone.

Figures released to RNZ show in the five months to March, ACC received 7500 claims related to e-scooter and scooter injuries and paid out $2.9m.

During the same five months ACC paid out $10,633,313 for 20,030 bike-related injuries.

In contrast, just over 3000 skateboarding injuries cost the country $1.6m.

In all three cases, loss of balance and personal control was given as the main reason for lodging an ACC claim.

Most people suffered soft tissue injuries, followed by cuts and stings.

Cyclists were most likely to suffer arm, knee and shoulder injuries while scooter riders most commonly suffered injuries to users' knees, arms, wrists and hands.

Last month Lime's e-scooters were suspended in Auckland and Dunedin after a braking glitch emerged with 30 people injured as a result, from around 150 incidents.

Earlier this month they returned to Auckland streets after the council announced it and a third party consultant had inspected information from Lime showing the bug had been fixed, and Lime had checked the fleet.

Another provider, Wave, has also begun operating in Auckland on a trial basis with a fleet of 500 scooters.

The scooters are also a familiar sight on the streets of Christchurch, Upper Hutt and Wellington.


So it really is time for scooter riders and cyclists to start properly contributing to ACC just as car drivers have to.