Cantabs told to keep a lid on Crate Day fun

Photo: Flickr / RNZ
Photo: Flickr / RNZ
Police are keeping an eye on a planned Crate Day event at a Canterbury river.

A spokesperson said police were aware of an event planned at the Ashley River Gorge on Saturday and were working with Environment Canterbury, Department of Conservation, Waimakariri Council and 4WD clubs to help prevent alcohol-related, such as drinking and driving, and protect the river environment.

"We want everyone to have fun, but in a way that respects others, and with no harm to other members of the community or the environment.

"Canterbury Rural Police are wanting to send a clear message to people planning on getting behind the wheel after drinking, whether on the roads or off - don’t.

"Police around the Canterbury region will be monitoring activity and will respond to reports of dangerous and unlawful behaviour, including drinking and driving, and incidents with the potential to cause harm.

"Driving while impaired considerably raises the risk of crashing and of those crashes resulting in serious injuries.

"Police want to reduce alcohol-related offending, victimisation, and harm – particularly as we head into the summer months -  and we work with our partners and the community to foster a culture which does so."

The spokesperson said sites like or have "information on safer drinking habits for you, your family and friends". 

"If you’re planning a party/event this Crate Day or in the summer months consider registering it at Good One

"This allows us to be aware of the party and we can work with you to ensure it is a safe event. Remember - be respectful, look after yourself, and look after your mates."

  • To report unlawful activity, call 111 if it is happening or 105 if it is after the fact.