'A case of exhaustion I think': Shane Jones taken to hospital

Shane Jones
Shane Jones
Senior NZ First Minister Shane Jones has been taken to hospital, a spokesperson has confirmed.

The NZ First MP was seen leaving Parliament in a wheelchair this afternoon.

Jones was answering journalists' questions before going into the House today at 2pm.

A spokesperson confirmed Jones had been taken to hospital, but was not able to confirm anything further.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, NZ First Leader Winston Peters said he was not able to comment "at this point in time".

Peters did go on to say that Jones had been working extraordinary hard over long hours, day after day without breaks.

"It's a case of exhaustion I think, and we will find out."

He is waiting for more information.

NZ First MP Clayton Mitchell declined to comment, saying only: "I understand he's well and fine and just needing a bit of rest."

A spokeswoman for Wellington Free Ambulance confirmed that it had transported one person in moderate condition to Wellington hospital this afternoon.

Jones has been contacted for comment.

1News reports National MP Shane Reti was waiting with Jones while the ambulance came.


A case of exhaustion I too do believe --- Me thinks to much verbal gymnastics...