Devoy declines comment on foreign drivers issue

Dame Susan Devoy
Dame Susan Devoy
Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy has declined to comment on the issue of foreign drivers.

The Otago Daily Times requested an interview with the commissioner on Tuesday after publishing a story on a Dunedin man who snatched keys from a foreign driver.

That report, along with other high profile incidents involving foreign drivers, attracted national and international media coverage, including on the BBC and in the Daily Mail.

Yesterday, the Human Rights Commission responded to the ODT with a single statement attributed to a media spokeswoman.

''New Zealanders need to abide by the law at all times. We support statements made by the New Zealand Police regarding people taking keys off other motorists.''

When asked if Dame Susan was unavailable, or declining to comment on the issue, the spokeswoman replied ''That is our comment.''

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