Engine trouble on Air NZ flight

An Air New Zealand flight from Hawaii to Auckland was delayed last night after suffering engine trouble.

The 227 passengers were returned to Honolulu airport after flight NZ9 aborted its take off late last night, the airline said.

The passengers stayed overnight at a hotel.

"The aircraft is currently being inspected by engineers and [an] updated departure time will be advised to passengers later today," an Air NZ spokeswoman said.

The New Zealand Herald's editor-in-chief Tim Murphy was on board the flight, and tweeted updates about the flight's problems.

He said the take off was aborted "at speed mid-runway" at Honolulu after an indication that the left engine temperature was raised.

"After aborted takeoff, NZ9 Honolulu-Akl now likely cancelled as replacement part to fix engine/indicator light must come from mainland US.

"After 'scouring Honolulu airport for parts' NZ9 is officially cancelled and with crew needing 10 hour break it's back to the beach for all," he tweeted.

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